Linux on the Sony VAIO C1XD


Visitors from Sony:

Linux on the PS2 is great! Give us Linux support on the C1 too please.

Comments: the good news

This is a very good computer - bogo mips at about the same level as my desktop K6-II 350. The screen is fantastic, no eye fatigue despite the tiny font size.

A 1 kilogram computer is transportable. It travels in my backpack at high speed around town on my motor bike.

With both batteries, the floppy drive, the network card, the charger and the video adapter it weighs in at less than half the weight of a "normal" portable computer.

The keyboard is comfortable - a little spongy in the middle and weird layout, but touch typable.

RedHat 7.1 rocks on this computer. Everything is working including sound recording!

The bad news

My computer is warped, it won't sit flat on the desk. I thought it was the extended battery but in fact it is the case itself. Solution: I put the wallet that my headset came in under the back left corner... Low tech rules!!!

This is a hot noisy little computer... The "little" makes up for the "noisy".

My double battery is dead while showing 37 recharge cycles... Standard battery dead after 2 years.



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