PostgreSQL, Jakarta Tomcat 4 and Dreamweaver MX

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This is a complete rewrite for Tomcat 4.1.x and Dreamweaver MX.

Note: this is a work in progress and not complete

The good news:

Your apps will be easier to create, they will execute faster and are easier to install. If you compare to the older text installation is much simpler.

The bad news:

Both Dreamweaver and Tomcat have changed file system structure since I wrote the original tutorial. This explains in part the time it has taken me to write the update - I was following a moving target! If you are upgrading you may encounter some difficulties.

I am going to use a different approach from the original Ultradev text. Instead of reinventing the wheel I will be linking to the text I have found usefull and adding tips and personal notes.


Macromedia Dreamweaver MX is a RAD for web applications running on ASP, ColdFusion or JSP application servers. We have been running the PostgreSQL database system since 1997. Our objective is to use this RAD environment to develop simple web applications using the Tomcat JSP application server with Apache and PostgreSQL database software running on Linux powered servers.

Binary versions of all software were preferred in this example. Our objective is to make the process as simple as possible for non programmers. However basic knowledge of Linux file system layout is required.

Most of the following is in the docs. Our goal is to get the essential information together in one place - please use this as a "cheat-sheet". This document does not replace a good long read of the docs, especially the PostgreSQL user manuals and the Dreamweaver MX pdf tutorial. They are very good, read them now before going any further.

The hardware:

A Linux database server and a web application server. This should be two separate machines in a production environment - one for the database system and another for the web application server. In our development environment both servers run on the same machine.

The software:

Our examples are based on the RedHat 7.2 or 7.3 distribution. If you are already running another distribution you will have the knowledge required to modify the path to suit your set up. This process requires extensive knowledge that can be absorbed by getting yourself exposed to the world of Internet and broadband technology.

Apache web server - latest rpm version from RedHat

JDK1.4 - latest 1.4.x binary version from Sun

Jakarta Tomcat Java application server - 4.1.x binary for RedHat from ftp server - precompiled from ftp server

PostgreSQL - 7.2.x rpms from ftp server

A working ftp server - one from the RedHat distribution (check back for WebDAV info from time to time).



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