Linux on the Sony VAIO C1XD



Besides the floppy drive I have a Micro 3 button Dekra mouse. The single button mouse from our Mac G4 is plug and play too!

Microtech USB->SCSI cable thanks to Matthew Dharm - maintainer of usb-storage driver. The usb-storage driver is now working correctly in kernel 2.4.7. Jazz drive is "plug and play".

Check this out Mac G3, G4 and iMac owners!!! in the support section has a driver for the iMac, G3 and G4 which works with the floppy from the Vaio!!! As I don't often need a floppy drive, mine is installed on the G3 at home =:-]



Linux on Laptops
several pages on C1 type machines to get you started

Other Linux on C1XD/XS pages


C1 pages mostly Windows (for those times when you "have" to)


Mostly WIndows mailing list

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