Apache and
Jakarta Tomcat 4

I am assuming that you are running the Apache 1.3x httpd with all security patches applied. I have not tested with Apache 2 and will not do so untill convinced that all modules have been ported. I only run Linux or Mac OS X servers. The software installed on Mac OS X is prepackaged and downloaded from the usual places. If you are running another OS please set up Apache as specified on the Apache web site.

I am also assuming that the JDK 1.4 is correctly installed on your application server.

All paths are default paths for binary or RPM installation on Redhat 7.2/7.3 servers. If you are serving from another OS please refer to documentation for that platform.

Several books on Tomcat are available now and a new one from O'Reilly is due in the spring of 2003. I used several tutorials to learn Tomcat 4.x. This one is the best of the lot:

You can run Tomcat standalone. From my experience the Tomcat 4.x code can be used standalaone and is not much slower than Apache for serving html.

Tip If you decide to run Tomcat alone serve all images from a dedicated image server. You won't be dissapointed by the result! An example can be seen at Festival des 3 Continents.

New information on using WebDAV will be available here when I get it to work...

I am also playing with various JSP upload beans.

PLEASE!!! Read a serious HOWTO on security and keep your web/application server patched and up to date. There are issues with older versions of Apache and Tomcat.



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