Linux on Sony Vaio C1X(D or S)

The computer that never dies! My 10 year old Vaio lives on: the noisy internal 12 Gbyte hard drive has been exchanged for a shiny 2 Gb SSD, files are stocked on a 8 Gb nano (smaller than most bluetooth dongles...) USB key. Most important change being that I am not running Fedora on the machine any more. Several reasons for this: I could not find a ready made version that will install to a 2 Gb drive -minus swap space. I wanted to try something else. Because I can!

So the machine is now running a stripped down version of ubuntu 10.10 with openbox. I tried damned small and puppy linux (the latter for quite some time) and the xfce desktop on both puppy and ubuntu. All of these did not quite fit my needs. For the moment I am happy. Google Chromium browser uses about 66% CPU and 110 Mb of the available 180 Mb of RAM. The whole system will soon be documented in a brand new howto. Stay tuned

Old pages are here. 2007 update.

Booting into Fedora Core 7

HTPC powered by mini-itx

I have done quite a bit of work on building Home Theatre PCs with VIA mini-itx motherboards. I will write some pages on this. Older pages describing a HTPC version of Fedora Core I worked on are available.

My own HTPC is a hush Mini-ITX with an Epia M10000 motherboard. It has a budget DVB-S card and runs VDR.

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